What representing A2 stands for.
Something the whole A2 community can get behind.
We have 4 Core Values

1/ Positive Mindsets

A positive mentality. Even in tough or undesirable moments, we try to see the positives and work towards them.

2/ Pushing Boundaries

A constant desire to keep improving and pushing to new levels. This is achieved through relentless consistency and always being open to learning new things.

3/ Grateful Approach

A grateful way of thinking. Mindful of the people and opportunities that we get to experience.

4/ Collective Effort

Working hard as an individual within a wider team or community.


One line that brings our values together into one meaningful statement:

A Collective Pursuit

Client Reviews

The programme quality is very high. I’m developing each block and all the sessions have a clear purpose.

A community of people who value fitness but also enjoy the social side of training too. As someone who trains solo, I really like this.

Josh Bayford

A2 has allowed me to fully optimise my training without the added hassle of writing my own workouts.

The detailed programming and engaging community means not only am I really enjoying it, but

I am feeling fitter and stronger each day too.

Connor Field

I had been working out without direction for many years and I fell into a plateau.

The variety and combination of strength, speed & power has meant the programme design has suited me very well. I have gained good size, weight and muscular endurance for my rugby.

Henry Peuble

After 3 or 4 years of Functional Fitness training this is the most consistent I’ve ever trained. This is down to how varied the programme is, the community feel and the constant support from the lads.

Give it a go, you won’t look back.

Sam Smith

Since joining the programme, I can say that I’m probably the fittest I’ve been in years, while seeing my strength consistently grow.

A really enjoyable format of training with some old school bodybuilding elements incorporated, run by a couple of top guys!

Dave Wayman

Challenging, varied sessions that push me physically and mentally. All whilst really well supported by the coaches and community.

The flexible sessions allow me to smash my workouts while balancing shift work and family life. Can’t recommend it enough!

Andy Buckingham