A2 HYROX Reviews

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Georgie Bryant

Georgie Bryant

A2 Lifestyle

“I’ve been into the gym for over 10 years but this is the first point in all that time I’ve ever had any useful structure or process to what I do and when, and i’ve noticed the progress because of that.The A2 boys aren’t only masters at their craft but they’re very good eggs and the community feel around A2 is a massive plus.”

Harry Woolridge

A2 Lifestyle

“The A2 programme has taken away my decision fatigue. I know that each day I’m getting a solid mix of weights and cardio. I’m the leanest, strongest and fittest I’ve ever been – thanks gents!”

Andrew Jenkins

A2 Lifestyle

“The programmes offer a great mix of bodybuilding style functional training and cardio with a structured variety that keep the sessions and training blocks really interesting. The support from the lads and community groups are also great at keeping you motivated.”

Dev Hamal

A2 Lifestyle

“Even after a short time of A2, I have really loved the personalised coaching, the adapted strength training and the excellent conditioning which has made me feel fitter physically and stronger mentally. As a doctor, the Lifestyle programme is easily manageable around my work schedule.”

Az Sharif

A2 Lifestyle

“Joining A2 has been the best thing I’ve done for my fitness journey. I know I’m getting all boxes ticked without having to second guess my workouts, and the lifestyle version is easy to work around playing football through the week. Also, Joey’s party pump is the perfect weekend or Friday quick blast – looking forward to having that back!!”

Philippa Bayford

A2 Lifestyle

“Tommy and Joey are great at explaining the week ahead in a video which is shared with the group every Sunday, along with regular check ins via the WhatsApp group.

As someone who loves functional training it’s the perfect programme for me and I would highly recommend.”

Why A2?


The A2 community consists of like-minded individuals who share a common goal of maximising their health and fitness. This shared purpose creates a motivating environment that keeps members engaged and consistent throughout.

Our WhatsApp group and Discord channels serve as social platforms for A2 members to connect, share their progress, ask questions, and offer support to one another.


The A2 training style is a tried-and-tested method that guarantees results.

The expertly-devised programming consists of a well-balanced combination of strength training, bodybuilding, conditioning and aerobic endurance, giving A2 members all they need to improve their fitness capabilities, whilst simultaneously looking and feeling much better about themselves.


Workout anywhere and anytime in order to accommodate for your lifestyle and commitments.

The A2 programmes are delivered directly to your smart phone, where you will be able to track your progress, access our expert guidance, discover workout video’s and tips and connect with other A2 members everyday.


Yes absolutely! We recommend starting on the A2 FUNCTIONAL programme if you are new to the functional fitness game. There are videos and notes alongside the programme and we can help you discuss scaled exercise options if required.

Not to worry, sometimes life gets in the way!

Just try not to make it a habit. You can also access previous workouts in the app if you want to catch up.

If you let us know what your injury is and how it restricts you, we will be able to assist and suggest alternatives. After all, Tom is a fully-qualified physiotherapist.

We use a smartphone app called FITR to deliver the programme to you.

Download the user-friendly app to your phone, a great platform for all your programming needs.

There are videos attached to each part of the workout to show you exactly how to perform each exercise.

We will also provide options if you don’t have the equipment or struggle with a particular movement.

Upon signing up to a programme, we will send you a glossary of terms in case there are any you do not understand.

You can always ask in the lively Discord chat too if you have any issues!

You can trial the programme and all its benefits completely FREE for 14-days.

If you decide it’s not for you, just click the cancel button and you will not be charged.